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CO2 Fractional Laser

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CO2 Fractional Laser

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  • MORE-XEL applies for various scars (acne, burn, stretch, surgical), liver spots, freckles, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening, whitening and other total fractional skin resurfacing. Because of great control, better outcomes with reduced skin damage and discomfort and wider application treatment of fractional CO2 laser, it is replacing ND-Yag, Er-Yag, IPL in international markets.
    Unlike other CO2 fractional laser,MORE-XEL adopts semi-permanent RF-Driver as its laser source so MORE-XEL doesn't need to change the tube. It save not only time but also money. The other advantage is that MORE-XEL adopts patented lenslet array.(stamp typed lens) This special lens beam is performed in right angle,
    which enables the transmission of energy deep into the collagen region of the dermis so the laser produces excellent results.
    These two exclusive technologies produce 20 timessmaller spot size than what other fractional lasers produce so it reduces 1/10 of PIH and shorten the downtime.

Special Features

  • RF-Driver type
    A high-powered, high-quality, high-precision, semi-permanent RF Driver is installed to ensure such differentiated effects as those of other products installed with glass tubes.
  • Stamp type
    A stamp method in which beams are emitted all at once like stamping seals is employed to shorten a treatment session.
  • Homogenous beam size
    Beams are radiated evenly on the skin through 49 spot holes so that homogenous energy penetrates the skin to induce a natural production of collagen inside.
  • Small spot size
    MORE-XEL generates spot sizes 20 times smaller than existing CO2 lasers in diameter, which will result everitually in one-twenties in their width. Small spot sizes that embody fractional beam arrangements for skin remolding will reduce downtime and minimize possible pigmentation and pain.
  • Semi - Permanent life and economic advantage
    The life of a existing traditional CO2 laser mainly range from 3 to 5 years. So after that, it might be forced to be replaced with new equipment. MORE-XEL lasts semi-permantly therefore the higher initial cost of MORE-XEL is more than offset by the much lower total cost of ownership.
  • Superb design touch, screen interface and fun sound
    It puts an emphasis on design and interfaces; it is designed to use with ease and convenience.
  • Comparision Between MORE-XEL and Scanner-type laser
    In comparison with the scanner method, MORE-XEL(RF driver /Stamp Type) generate spot sizes four times smaller in diameter, which will result eventually in one-twenties in their width. The smaller a spot size is, the less pain results on the skin and the deeper energy penetrate the skin. (A Glass tube can be used in both the scanner method and the stamp method but there shows a big difference in quality between the two methods; someone allegedly calls it a RF tube, but it is also a glass tube.)


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